Gear Box Overhaul Kit Non Rolling Nut <99

Product Code: GBOHNRN

Alternative Product Codes: 210432305, 210430391, 210433748, 210430229, 210430228, 210434735, 210478498, 210006647, 210431256


Complete Gear Box Bearing & Seal Overhaul Kit

This is for the “Non Rolling Nut” engine used on both 125cc and 180cc engines produced before 1999.

Comes with all bearings, seals and bearing retaining clips required.

If you are unsure which type you have, simply count how many bearings you have in your gear box against the photo!

We only supply high quality branded bearings, yes you can get them cheaper for generic unbranded but we do not believe in supplying these especially when it comes to safety!

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