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Italjet Fuchs Dyno Centre

Our workshop is fully equipped with a Fuchs BEI251 dynamometer with special software to run scooters as well as motorcycles. Setting up carburetion on 2 strokes is one of the most crucial stages of tuning, without it running right it can be fatal causing seizures and detonation.

  • Dyno Run – £20
  • Dyno Setup – £45/hour

About Our Dynamometer


  • Air/fuel mapping
  • Carburettor tuning
  • Fault diagnosis
  • Multiple gear tests
  • Response tests
  • Multiple comparisons
  • Acceleration tests


  • Cooling fan outlets for engine & exhaust pipes.
  • Integral extraction fan and magnetic intake hoses.
  • Automatic wheel clamp, which together with the roller allows frame alignment check
  • Cooling fan outlet for rear tyre, motorcycle brake and silencers.
  • Wheel speed sensor.
  • Roller speed sensor.
  • Safety barriers (CE) with Perspex screens
  • Roller Brake (CE specifications)
  • Integral folding access ramp, which doubles as safety barrier (CE)
  • Non-slip chrome roller with grove (for alignment check) and safety brake.
  • Comprehensive motorcycle parameter databank (1400 bikes+)

Forced air cooling for engine and exhausts – Powerful specially designed cooling fans cool the engine and exhaust pipes providing a carefully controlled test environment for accurate, repeatable results. Integral exhaust extraction system – a powerful extraction fan designed for dyno work is integrated within the chassis together with magnetic extraction intakes which fix to the safety ramp for a neat, efficient system – essential for safe testing.

Rear wheel cooling – An additional integral cooling fan for the rear tyre, brake and silencers allows intensive testing without overheating.

Automatic pneumatic wheel clamp – This system takes one person and 5 seconds to load the bike in total safety. Extremely rigid front wheel clamp (with 3 contact points instead of 2 as on conventional systems). Complete support without any straps: allows wheel/frame alignment check. The bike’s rear tyre is not subjected to abnormal stresses.

This allows the following tests to be performed:

  • Detection of play in steering head and swing arm bearings.
  • Confirmation of front and rear suspension operation, damping and condition.
  • Dynamic wheel and frame alignment test.
  • Transmission and chain check.

Air / fuel meter (“lambda sensor”) – gives a fast indication of the mixture status. Fuchs software can display the air/fuel ratio on the power curve printout. The Fuchs system uses a heated wide range lambda sensor to quickly measure air / fuel ratio while tuning carburetted scooters. This shows a live air/fuel ratio while testing the motorcycle, together with a real time air/fuel curve superimposed on the power & torque curve. The system uses compressed air to pull the gases over the Lambda sensor (venturi effect) makes the system quicker to react and more accurate at low rpm.