Steering Arm Repair Service

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Due to The Dragster steering arm no longer being produced, it cannot be replaced so the only option is to repair it. It can be a pain when it needs to be repaired is not straight forward to do unless you have the knowledge and correct tools. It can be easily bent or broken when undertaking the repair.

Over time the joints tend to wear and seize up, this is a common problem because the age of the scooters now and is a UK MOT failure.

Symptoms of the arm failing is a handlebar wobble around 30mph, a knock on the steering when you turn the handlebars and if you hold the wheel in a chock and move the handlebars side to side there is play.

We offer a full repair service from repairing one joint starting from £40 plus parts, to a full rebuild including powder coating (see image).

We get asked all of the time; Will the Formula steering arm fit the Dragster?

Answer: NO, The Formula one will NOT fit!.

If you are after the Formula steering arm you can buy a complete one for your Formula on our website here: 3381003

Call us or email for a quote to repair your Dragster Steering Arm.

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Parts Diagrams

Steering Arm – Suspension

Dragster 125/180 » Chassis

Steering Arm – Suspension

No: 23.2

Steering Arm – Suspension

Dragster 50 » Chassis

Steering Arm – Suspension

No: 11

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