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The new “Corsa Factory” range, introducing our high end performance front shock absorbers for the Italjet Dragster 50cc. These new generation of street and race dampers are designed around the rider and made to the highest standards. These are the highest specification shocks available on the market and designed especially for the Italjet Dragster with fully adjustable preload, rebound and length giving a very wide range of adjustment possibilities.

Designed in the UK and produced in Italy by legendary shock absorber manufacture Paioli. The result is the almost unbelievably high quality, precision shock absorber units. The damping process takes place in two separate chambers, one filled with gas, the other with oil. The external reservoir is designed to disperse thermal stress and this can now be dealt with more effectively due to the increased overall reservoir volume and allows an increased quantity of inner oil, as a result these have more reliable damping characteristics over longer usage periods. The colour scheme is a dark gold remote reservoir with white spring and titanium coloured fixings.

Front Shock Specification:

Spring weight 485 lbs/in

Shock travel 37mm

Damper shaft diameter 14mm

Shock length adjustable eye to eye 237-247mm

Rebound damping, 22 Position Settings via bottom adjuster

Spring preload adjustment via ring nut
Oil-Pneumatic Damping (Oil & Nitrogen Filled)Special low-viscosity oil which is unaffected by temperature changes. 
External Reservoir tank to aid cooling

Shock Includes adapter spacers for the fitment on the Dragster 50cc

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Italjet 96-03 » Dragster 50