Clutch Performance Adjustable

Product Code: 321001


Fully adjustable performance clutch unit 107mm.

The 3-shoe clutch unit has the possibility to adjust spring preload at the back of the clutch without having to take the whole clutch off the rear pulleys. The adjustment method is using a cam operated by 4mm Allen key with a locking bolt. 

An improved version over the standard clutch that can cater for the performance of a tuned engine, the linings have been enlarged and the weight of the clutch shoe increased.

Adjustable to obtain the correct engagement RPM to suit your exhaust system, We recommend using the blue springs for sport cylinders; and the red ones for high-end cylinders.

Comes with 2 sets of springs of different strengths and torque spring spacer/torsion controller.

Very good value for money with all of the specifications of an expensive clutch.

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