Carb 21mm YSN

Product Code: 52136986


YSN BG 21mm carb With Oil Inlet. Comes With Cable Choke Mechanism.

The carbs are made by YSN and offer value for money whilst maintaining good quality. Fits all 2T engines ideally from 50cc to 125cc.

A must upgrade when increasing your engine capacity from 50cc to 70cc/80cc. Upgrading the carb will allow your engine to produce more power and torque giving you a broader range of usable power.

External inlet diameter is 25mm into the inlet manifold and the air filter bellmouth size is 32mm.

Please note to ensure correct running for your scooter the carb may need to be re jetting to suit your specific set up. If in doubt please have your scooter checked on a dyno.

Dellorto parts can be used and interchanged.

Additional Information:

This Carb Runs A 5mm Main Jet (1486) And Pilot Jet (1488)

You May Also Need;

Polini Remote Choke Kit Part Numbers 3160010 (Black) 
                                                                        3160011 (Chrome) 
                                                                        3160012 (Blue)

Spare Parts For This Carb;

Gasket set  Part Number 5252677

Flip Up Choke Mechanism Part Number 5301278

Float Bowl Plastic Part Number 9444

Float Bowl Metal 9811

Float Bowl Gasket 9497

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