Brake Lever Pair Flexi

Product Code: 4409588

Alternative Product Codes: 4409587, 4409589, 4409588, 4409586


Apico Billet Brake Levers. To Fit AJP Brake Master Cylinders.

These levers are a good upgrade over the standard brake levers. They have a pivot that is spring loaded so the lever can move just like a footpeg or gear lever does when knocked or trapped, approx. flex is around 110 degrees . The levers have the a grub screw to lock of the lever pin, the distance of the lever can be adjusted to suit hand size or to get that perfect feel by adjusting the stop bolt.

Machined out of solid billet aluminium and anodised. The levers are finished in black, blue, red or orange and the mounting bracket finished in machined silver.

Comes as a pair, to fit front and rear with hydraulic brakes.

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