Part Diagrams

Brakes (No: 18)

Mirror R/H Item No: 2 Part No: 4871072
Mirror R/H
Original Mirror R/H. Made By Italy By Orion. Italian Side: DX…
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Mirror L/H Item No: 3 Part No: 4871073
Mirror L/H
Original Mirror L/H. Made By Italy By Orion. Italian Side: SX…
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Grip L/H Item No: 4 Part No: 4870822
Grip L/H
L/H Grip…
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L/H Lever Support With Lever & Brake Switch Item No: 5 Part No: 4871061
L/H Lever Support With Lever & Brake Switch
L/H Lever Support With Lever & Brake Switch For All Millennium's…
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Grip R/H Item No: 7 Part No: 4870821
Grip R/H
R/H Hand Grip…
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Front Brake Lever Item No: 8 Part No: 4871012
Front Brake Lever
R/H Side Brake Lever…
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Front Brake Disc Item No: 10 Part No: 4870940
Front Brake Disc
Standard Front Brake Disc…
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Caliper Front Item No: 11 Part No: 4871001
Caliper Front
Front Brake Caliper Original. Comes with brake pads. Please note there may be some marking on the caliper due to stora…
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Throttle Cable 125cc/150cc Item No: 15 Part No: 4871850
Throttle Cable 125cc/150cc
Throttle Cable For Millennium 125cc/150cc 4T Only…
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Front Master Cylinder Item No: 19 Part No: 4871003
Front Master Cylinder
Front Master Cylinder Including Lever…
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Mirror Clamp Item No: 22 Part No: 4871014
Mirror Clamp
Mirror Clamp…
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Stop Switch R/H Item No: 23 Part No: 4871005
Stop Switch R/H
Stop Switch R/H…
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Stop Switch L/H Item No: 24 Part No: 4871006
Stop Switch L/H
Stop Switch L/H…
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Brake Pads Front Item No: 28 Part No: 4871007
Brake Pads Front
Front Brake Pads…
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